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Shaving In The Shower The great Romina Lopez showers (and shaves her cooter) in this thrill-packed, breastigeous video. Romina attracts a huge amount of attention from breast-men. She was a college student walking to some destination when she was approached in the street by one of our contributing photographers. We_re glad he did because she never would have thought of modeling. It was a very happy happenstance that they were passing each other. And that he_s a tit-lover who did not hesitate to say hello to her. Another reason to overcome shyness. She is absolutely beautiful and sexy and has the most perfect set of breasts. She_s got a fantastic body and a gorgeous face with smoldering eyes, and I can_t get enough of her breasts. She also has a great ass, writes M.D., fellow tit lover.
Romina Lopez

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