Custom Clip: You walk in and say my Step-Mom just told me you are dying and have 1 month to live. You mention being flirty that you have noticed last week on your computer you had pictures of me in various bikini-beach pictures. You also mention that you always have seen me checking out your hot ass. You say you purposely wear slutty clothes around the house to tease me. You say why dont we make a deal. You can watch me undress anytime and jerkoff as long as you leave all 5 million dollars to bunny. Nothing to your natural **** or to my mother!!! You want it all!!! You constantly say that your are a brat and want to be spoiled. And have always know that i am in love with you. Say the last month could be your best just sign the will you have with you. As the video goes you slowly strip and constantly mention how hot your ass is. You mention that you always wanted a sugardaddy, but never realized the sugardaddy would be my stepdaddy. Black thong and sexy black bra and heels are all that is left when I sign the will. And you mention that you love being a brat and homewrecker and golddigger. And how I left nothing to your natural Kids.
Models: Bratty Bunny

Duration: 12 min 24 s
Resolution: 540 x 960
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 148 MiB
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