Rachel-steele.com- DID792 Desperate Housewife, Part 1

Part one of three. Stacie did her best to please her ungrateful husband, but nothing worked. She kept a tidy house, dressed impeccably, cooked meals, fetched him the paper and made him a martini each night. Her husband had grown accustomed to her domestic services and assumed that was all she desired to be happy. Stacie primped and made herself up for a night of passion. Instead she was ignored. He left for a business trip without pleasing his wife. She had become desperate for affection. Stacie found a website and began to chat live with other married couples that just wanted some attention. She was talked into turning on a web cam with one gentleman. He commented on how sexy she was. Stacie had not heard those words in years. He asked her more personal questions giving him enough information to find out where she lived.
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