Vicky 5 - Very Special Bareback Massage 4k

Vicky gives a proper kinky Pattaya massage, giving a guy a creampie and a piss-in-ass enema. Vicky starts out the massage in a for-fitting skirt. Her client is only in a towel, and Vicky_s slim oiled fingers are smooth to push it up to show the bare ass. As Vicky massages you can see her cock dangling beneath her skirtline. With no panties on it is easy access for sex.

Vicky licks the guys asshole more, rubbing her cock against the clients excited backdoor. Vicky is fully erect now and opens her ass-pussy for the clients erection. Next Vicky crams her cock down the clients throat. She lets him taste every inch of her Ladyboy tool. Vicky bends over the guy and has her way with him. No condoms, only the pure pleasure...
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Vicky 5
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